Event Spark


Event Spark is a concept mobile application that allows people with similar interests to connect with one another. Whether your are looking to meet new friends, or find a new hobby this app is a great way to explore your local city.




Mobile Application

Build long-lasting friendships based on your hobbies and interests.

Competitive Analysis

For this project, I researched existing event apps on the marketplace. I found that many of them featured poorly designed interfaces, while others lacked social networking functions.


The app offers a variety of features that allow you to expand your interests and network.

Event Feed

The Home screen recommends upcoming events based on your location and interests, while filters allow you to personalize each category.

Stay Connected

Viewing the details of an event shows how many people are attending. Users also have the ability to message each other individually or within groups.


Users can view details and register for upcoming events.


Final Designs

The color palette is is playful and bold, while the navigation is simple to use.