Packrat Comics


Packrat Comics is a local comic book and merchandise store that has operated in Central Ohio since 1993. This project is a redesign concept of their website experience.




Website Design
UX Research

Redesign the Packrat website to help improve the user experience

Current Issues

With many poorly executed features the current site is difficult to use.
20 different options under the "Products" tab
problem one

Cluttered Navigation Bar

The navigation on the site isn't organized in a way that makes it easy to find what you are looking for. The "More" tab only has one option underneath it while the majority of the options are all under the "Products" tab.

Search results for "Spiderman"
problem TWO

Too Many Search Results

Using the search functionality on the site returns lots of results without offering a way to filter them further. For example, searching for "Spiderman", results in 73 pages of options. There is no real hierarchy in these search results as comics, toys, and apparel are all grouped together.

20 different options under the "Products" tab
problem three

Confusing Grading Scale

Comic book grading is the process of determining the condition of a book, which impacts its value. On the Packrat site, these grades are often abbreviated without any further context on what they actually mean. This makes it confusing for users who aren't avid comic book buyers.

Conducting research and getting feedback
I conducted a survey as well as a card sorting exercise. The survey consisted of 15 participants responding to both open-ended and multiple choice questions. The card sorting exercise consisted of 3 participants reorganizing the site's navigation.

User Research Survey

The findings provided valuable information regarding users opinions towards the current site.

Card Sorting

Participants organized the site architecture into different groups.

Site Architecture

I built the site structure based on the findings from the card sorting exercise.

Design Solutions

Each solution that I designed was based on user research and feedback.
solution one

New Layout

I reorganized the navigation bar to feel less cluttered, separating comics, toys, and apparel. The homepage is also laid out to highlight the highest rated comic each week. I also added the option to filter by characters and reviews to make searching for comics simpler.

solution TWO

Focus on Characters

Previously, searching for your favorite characters felt like an overwhelming experience. In order to make this process easier, I designed a “Featured Characters” section on the site. This allows users to search for characters alphabetically, and view a custom page featuring information about each character.

solution three

Defined Grading Scale

The current grading scale provides no context and is difficult to understand. Not everyone is familiar with how comic books are graded, so I redesigned the grading scale to be intuitive for all readers.


I created many different concepts to illustrate various web pages.

Final Designs

The new site experience solves many existing issues, while also being more visually appealing.